How to Prepare Siblings For Newborn Photos

Welcoming a new baby into the family is an exciting time, and capturing those precious moments through newborn photos is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of your newest addition. However, if you have younger children, preparing them for the newborn photo session can be just as important as preparing the baby. It is no secret that toddlers can be unpredictable, and it is also important to remember that they are also adjusting to the changes of a new baby too. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the process with tips to prepare siblings for newborn photos, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

How to Prepare Siblings For Newborn Photos | Older siblings kiss their newborn brother's head photographed by Lindsey Dutton Photography, a Dallas newborn photographer

How to Prepare Siblings For Newborn Photos

01. Explain the Importance

Start by talking to your children about the upcoming newborn session and why it’s special. Help them understand that the photos are a way to welcome and celebrate their new sibling. Emphasize the importance of capturing these moments as a family and creating lasting memories together. If you had newborn photos taken of them, show them the images! Then discuss how special it is and how much it means to have those photos of them when they were first born. Seeing their own newborn photos can help communicate how special newborn photos are and why you want to capture these photos of your newest addition! 

02. Set Expectations

It’s essential to let your children know what to expect during the photo session. Explain that the photographer will be taking pictures of the baby and them together, and that they may be asked to pose or cooperate in certain ways. Children usually do better when they know what to expect ahead of time. Encourage them to ask questions and express any concerns they may have. 

03. Involve Them in Planning

If possible, involve your younger children in planning for the photo session. Let them choose their outfits or suggest poses they’d like to try with the baby. This can help them feel more invested and excited about the experience, knowing that their input is valued. Younger kids love to help and usually jump at the chance to show any independence. Involving them in this way gives them a voice and communicates their inclusion – it isn’t JUST about the baby, but they are important to the session too!  

04. Offer Incentives (aka Bribes)

Let’s be honest—sometimes a little bribery goes a long way! Consider offering small rewards or incentives for good behavior during the photo session, such as a special treat or a fun activity afterwards. This can motivate younger children to cooperate and stay focused during the session. Sometimes all a kid needs to know is what is expected of them and what they have to look forward to when it is over! 

05. Bring Comfort Items 

For studio sessions, bring along comfort items, such as favorite toys or blankets, to help your younger children feel more at ease. Having familiar items nearby can provide a sense of security and comfort in an unfamiliar environment, helping to calm any nerves and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Quiet toys can also help keep them entertained when they are not a part of the session and we are taking solo newborn photos. 

06. Be Patient and Flexible

Finally, remember to be patient and flexible throughout the session. Understand that younger children may not always cooperate perfectly, and that’s totally okay! Try not to discipline during the session and be willing to go with the flow. Also, trust your photographer – I promise I will be able to capture beautiful moments regardless of any challenges that may arise. After all, I always say, the toddler runs the show!   

By taking these steps to prepare younger siblings for newborn photos, you can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. At the end of the day, you will have beautiful photos of your sweet newborn and family that will capture the love and excitement of welcoming a new baby into the family.   

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