Swaddle vs Unswaddled: Choosing the Best Style for Your Newborn Photos

Deciding how to photograph your newborn is an important part of planning your baby’s first photoshoot. One of the key choices you’ll need to make is whether to have your baby swaddled or unswaddled for the session, or maybe even a combination of both. Each style offers unique benefits and captures different aspects of your newborn’s early days. Here are a few advantages of both swaddled and unswaddled newborn photos to help you make the best decision for your family prior to your session!

Swaddled Newborn Photos

A Calm and Secure Baby

Swaddling mimics the snug environment of the womb, helping babies feel secure and calm. This often results in peaceful, sleepy expressions, making it easier to capture serene and angelic poses. The sense of security provided by swaddling can be particularly helpful for babies who are easily startled or fussy.

Classic and Timeless Look

Swaddled babies have a classic, timeless look that many parents love. The simplicity of a wrapped-up baby often highlights their delicate features and pure innocence. These photos can evoke a sense of nostalgia and timelessness, making them perfect for family albums and wall displays.

Versatile Posing

Swaddled babies are easier to pose and reposition without disturbing their sleep. This allows photographers to create a variety of setups and angles without waking the baby. The swaddle keeps them snug and still, making it simpler to achieve multiple looks within a single session.

Warmth and Comfort

Another huge benefit of swaddling is that it keeps newborns warm and cozy, as newborns are sensitive to temperature changes. This reduces fussiness and any discomfort during the session. Keeping your newborn comfortable leads to a more relaxed and enjoyable photoshoot for both you and baby!

Unswaddled Newborn Photos

Natural Movements 

When it comes to unswaddling your baby there are still many benefits. First, unswaddled babies can move their arms and legs freely, resulting in a variety of adorable stretches, yawns, and expressions that add a dynamic and natural feel to the photos. These movements can capture the baby’s personality and the unique ways they interact with their new world.

Showcase Tiny Features 

Without the swaddle, the baby’s tiny hands, feet, and other features are more visible, allowing for more detailed and intimate close-ups. These shots can highlight the intricate details of your baby’s early days, from their tiny fingers grasping your finger to their teeny tiny toes.

Authentic Feel 

Photos of unswaddled babies often feel more candid and authentic, capturing the baby’s personality and unique characteristics. This style can provide a more documentary feel to your newborn session, focusing on the raw and real moments of your baby’s life.

Combining Both Styles

The choice between swaddled and unswaddled newborn photos ultimately comes down to personal preference and the baby’s comfort. Swaddled photos offer a timeless, serene look, while unswaddled photos provide a more dynamic and natural feel. You can always combine the two styles to get the best of both worlds! However, if you choose to only swaddle or not swaddle at all, that is completely your choice – remember there is no right or wrong here! It is whatever you want and what you think will make your baby most comfortable. 

Both styles offer beautiful, memorable images that capture the essence of your newborn’s earliest days. I usually start my sessions with the baby in an outfit first before swaddling them. Then I finish the session with the baby unswaddled for detailed shots. Incorporating both styles creates a diverse and comprehensive collection of photos for your final gallery that you’ll cherish for years to come. 

By understanding the benefits of both swaddled and unswaddled newborn photos, you can make a decision that best suits your family’s preferences and your baby’s comfort. Whether you choose the timeless elegance of swaddled poses or the natural authenticity of unswaddled moments, your newborn session will result in beautiful images that capture the precious early days of your baby’s life.

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