Capturing The Early Moments: The Difference Between Fresh 48 and Newborn Sessions

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a momentous occasion, and capturing their early moments through photography is a beautiful way to preserve these memories. When it comes to newborn photography, families typically choose between two popular types of sessions: fresh 48 and traditional newborn sessions. Both offer unique perspectives and benefits, but understanding their differences can help you decide which is right for your family.

The Difference Between Fresh 48 and Newborn Sessions

Fresh 48 and Newborn Session Timing 

Newborn sessions typically occur within the first two to three weeks after birth. By this time, the baby is still young but has had a chance to settle into their new environment at home. The delayed timing also allows the mother some time to recuperate and pamper herself with hair and makeup. This helps her feel more like herself after giving birth, which results in her feeling more comfortable and confident during the session.

In contrast, a Fresh 48 session takes place within the first 48 hours after the baby’s birth, usually while the baby and parents are still at the hospital or birthing center. These sessions capture the very first moments of a baby’s life, including the raw, unposed interactions with family members and the initial bonding experiences.

Session Settings

 Newborn sessions typically take place in a controlled environment—either at the family’s home or in a professional studio. This setting allows for optimal control over lighting, temperature, and props. Newborns are often posed with props such as wraps, blankets, and baskets, creating beautiful images. If the session takes place in-home, there is more opportunity to include items of meaning and capture your new family in a setting that holds sentimental value. 

A fresh 48 session will usually be in a hospital room or birthing center where the baby was born, capturing authentic and natural moments without the need for elaborate setups or posing. Those first few quiet moments in the hospital are special and life changing. The focus is on documenting the genuine emotions and interactions of the family in a real-life setting. There might not be a ton of space or the perfect setup, but that isn’t the point or the focus – it’s all about your newborn and family.

The Purpose of Newborn and Fresh 48 Sessions

The goal of a newborn session is to capture the baby’s delicate newborn features in timeless, posed portraits that showcase their tiny details and innocence. These sessions often result in beautifully styled images that many parents choose to display and cherish and display for years to come.

Whereas fresh 48 sessions are more about preserving the raw and emotional moments of the baby’s first hours of life. They provide candid and authentic documentation of the family’s initial interactions and bonding experiences, but are usually not for the purpose of display. Fresh 48 sessions offer a more documentary-style approach, focusing on capturing fleeting moments of the newborn phase rather than posed perfection.

Which Session is Right for You?

While both newborn sessions and Fresh 48 sessions involve photographing newborn babies, they differ in terms of timing, setting, and purpose, each offering a unique perspective on the precious early days of a baby’s life. Choosing between a fresh 48 and a newborn session depends largely on what you hope to capture and preserve from your baby’s early days.

Fresh 48 photos are cherished for their raw and heartfelt portrayal of a significant family milestone. If you value this candid and authentic approach of the first moments after your child’s arrival, a Fresh 48 session may be ideal. However, if you’d rather wait until you’re settled at home and want more styled images that focus on your baby’s features that you can display, a Newborn session might be the better choice. Whatever you choose, both types of sessions offer a beautiful way to celebrate and remember the beginning of your baby’s life and your new family.

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