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I’ve been photographing families for almost five years, and in the midst of raising and homeschooling my two sons, I help growing families freeze time for a few moments to notice the little things, from their daughter’s smile or their son’s giggle to the way Mama looks with her littlest in her belly or in her arms. When I’m not photographing babies and families in the Dallas area, I’m helping clients design beautiful heirloom albums and prints to take their images from sitting on a hard drive to the walls of their homes.

My oldest son was born in 2016, and after purchasing my first "fancy" camera so that I could capture every moment, my photography journey officially began. Later, after enduring the loss of our daughter at 26 weeks pregnant due to a rare placental abruption, I eventually found solace and healing behind the camera again and have captured expecting mamas, newborns, and growing families ever since.

When we welcomed our rainbow baby boy earthside in June 2020, my desire to preserve memories like these milestones only grew. I treasure the opportunity to capture these moments for each family I serve, and it's my mission to help mamas feel great and get IN the photos!

Whether you’re here to book a photography session or to gain inspiration to beautifully display the moments that matter, I can't wait to capture your family's connection!

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Five facts about Lindsey

1- My husband and I have been together for 14 years and will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in 2024. We are parents to two beautiful boys and an angel baby girl in heaven.

2- I'm a homeschool mama and absolutely love it!

3- I'm one of those rare people who doesn't mind visiting the dentist - I absolutely LOVE teeth! I was a happy dental assistant for 12 years before our oldest son was born.

4- Sarcasm is my middle name.

5- I was born and raised in San Diego, and I moved to Texas in 2013. I love the Texas life and am grateful to my sister for moving here first!

Top Newborn Photographer in Dallas

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