Timeless Newborn Photography | Why I Use White in Newborn Photos

When it comes to capturing the delicate beauty of newborns, the choice of color palette plays a pivotal role in creating images that stand the test of time. From swaddles to backdrops, soft, neutral colors are crucial in creating a timeless and classic aesthetic. As a Dallas newborn photographer, I have had the joy of capturing dozens of beautiful newborns. The secret to my timeless newborn photography is the simple elegance of white. Here are a few reasons why I use white in newborn photos.

light and airy newborn portraits photographed by Lindsey Dutton Photography, a Dallas newborn photographer

Using White to Create Timeless Newborn Photography

Timeless and Classic Images

White, with its simplicity, creates a timeless and classic look that ensures the focus remains on the newborn. By avoiding vibrant colors or busy patterns, I aim to capture images that will be cherished for generations. The elegance of white allows the purity of the moment to shine through without distractions, as I always want the focus to remain on your sweet baby, with no distracting colors or patterns. This allows me to capture all those delicate features and provide you with photos that capture every detail of your newborn. 

Soft and Pure Aesthetic

White conveys a soft, pure, and angelic aesthetic that perfectly complements the innocence and delicacy of a newborn. It serves as a clean canvas, providing a backdrop that enhances the baby’s features. The gentle tones of white create an ethereal atmosphere, capturing the newborn in a state of pure beauty.


One of the beauties of using white is its versatility. White works seamlessly with various skin tones, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of newborns. This adaptability allows me to capture the simplicity and beauty of each unique baby without unnecessary visual clutter, creating images that are universally appealing. It also allows little details you might want to incorporate, like a headband or bow on your little girl, to stand out without distracting or clashing with its surroundings. 

Emphasis on Delicate Details

White backgrounds are perfect for emphasizing the exquisite details and delicate features of a newborn – from tiny fingers and toes to subtle facial expressions. By keeping the backdrop neutral, the focus remains squarely on the newborn’s features and the heartwarming connection with the parents. 

While white takes center stage in my newborn photography, I also advocate for the use of other soft and neutral tones. This approach creates a gentle and soothing atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience for both the baby and the parents. Soft colors contribute to the creation of a warm and comforting environment, allowing the newborn’s personality to shine through in every image.

The choice of white in newborn photography is a deliberate one – a decision rooted in the desire to create images that are not only beautiful today but will remain timeless in the years to come.  

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