What to Bring to Your Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot

Every mom remembers where they were when they found out they were pregnant. It is such an exciting and emotional time. After finding out the news for yourself, most couples then plan how and when they will tell others their joyous news. Planning a pregnancy announcement is the perfect way to spread the news and joy of your growing family.  As you prepare for your pregnancy announcement photoshoot, here are 5 items to bring with you that will not only enhance the session, but make it even more special.

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What Bring to Personalize Your Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot 

1. Ultrasound Images 

Your ultrasound images are the first visual connection you have with your little one. Including these in your pregnancy announcement photos adds a heartwarming and sentimental touch, symbolizing the exciting news of the upcoming addition to your family. These images become a cherished part of the announcement, creating a connection between the soon-to-be parents and their bundle of joy.

2. Baby Shoes or Clothing 

Tiny baby shoes or a cute onesie can convey the message of your pregnancy in a visually playful way. Holding up these adorable miniature items in your photoshoot adds a tangible element to the announcement, making it both endearing and delightful. Whether it’s a onesie that gives a hint to the gender of the baby or features a funny phrase, incorporating clothing is a great way to add details to your portraits. You can also include clothing that tells your families story, such as this adorable “little brother” onesie, that matches the “big brother” t-shirt on this excited little guy!

3. Letter Boards or Chalkboards 

Inject a dose of creativity into your announcement by using letter boards or chalkboards. Phrases like “Coming Soon” or “Baby on Board” not only add a playful and creative element to your photos but also serve an appealing way to share the big news. People can get creative with the phrases they come up with to announce their pregnancy, especially if your pregnancy announcement photoshoot has a special theme! 

4. Props with Due Date 

If you have a specific due date, consider incorporating props that highlight this significant detail. A calendar displaying the due date or a cute sign with the anticipated arrival date adds a layer of anticipation to the photos, making it a fun way to share the timeline of your pregnancy journey.

5. Personalized Items 

Bring along any personalized items that reflect your family’s unique style and interests. Whether it’s a favorite book, a pair of baby shoes, or a rainbow for your rainbow baby, these items add a personal touch to the photoshoot. Incorporating elements that are special to you makes the announcement uniquely yours, and tells your family’s story.   

As you gather these items for your pregnancy announcement photoshoot, remember that the goal is to capture the joy, excitement, and individuality of your growing family. These tangible elements not only enhance the visual appeal of your announcement but also create lasting memories that you’ll cherish as you look back on this beautiful chapter of your life. Enjoy every moment of this special photoshoot, as it marks the beginning of a new and joy-filled journey into parenthood.

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