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As a Dallas, Texas family and portrait photographer, my mission is to craft images that not only capture moments, but also tell stories. Choosing the right location plays a pivotal role in creating the perfect backdrop for these stories. From the charming downtown scenes to the serene natural landscapes, the Dallas-Fort Worth area offers a variety of stunning settings for portraits. Here are my top 11 Dallas-Fort Worth area picture locations that I absolutely adore. Each having their own unique charm.

Top 11 Dallas-Fort Worth Picture Locations

01. White Rock Lake

First on the list is White Rock Lake. There’s something magical about the view from White Rock Lake. Overlooking the tranquil lake with the Dallas skyline as a backdrop, it creates a picturesque setting for portraits. The natural landscape of this location makes it an excellent choice during any season.

02. Frisco Commons Park

Frisco Commons Park is a gem with its pretty trails lined with trees, and an open field that provides the perfect canvas for capturing your family against the beauty of nature. The tree-lined paths add a touch of enchantment.  An evening session here guarantees gorgeous images, as the sun dips below the tree line creating a warm glow. 

03. Erwin Park

Third on my list of Top 11 Dallas-Fort Worth area picture locations is Erwin Park. This park is amazing, as it provides a versatile landscape perfect for creating timeless images. Whether it’s the lush greenery or the charming trails, this park is a great option for a variety of sessions in any season.

04. Murrell Park

Next on my list is Murrell Park in Flower Mound, TX. Murrell Park is a photographer’s delight – a little piece of paradise featuring winding trails, large trees, open fields, and rocks to climb that add a playful element to sessions. Murrell Park is also close to Grapevine Lake, making it an ideal spot for splashing around and creating carefree memories with your family. 

05. Arbor Hills

Arbor Hills, located in Plano, TX, is a haven of natural beauty, boasting beautiful trees and expansive fields that provide a serene and timeless backdrop for your photographs. The views from the hilltops are also stunning!

06. Creek in Frisco

Number six on my list of favorite locations, is a creek found in Frisco, Texas. This little creek is a hidden gem, providing a delightful summer escape. The gorgeous tall rocks and the shallow water create a gorgeous setting. This location also welcomes the opportunity to play in the water, making it a fun location for families with young kids!.

07. The Carriage House

The Carriage House in Aubrey, TX stands as a testament to timeless beauty. This location shines in every season, even during winter when plants begin to die. This amazing spot is a great option for those late fall or winter family sessions! 

08. Adriatica

Transport yourself to a Croatian village in the heart of McKinney, TX at Adriatica. With its unique architecture and diverse areas for photos, it’s a great choice, especially in the winter months when the trees are bare. I love the stone bridge over the water, as well as the open fields that offer a beautiful view of the water in the distance. 

09. Downtown McKinney

Downtown McKinney, Texas exudes old-town charm and offers a plethora of backdrops for your session. From historic architecture to quaint streets, it’s a treasure trove of photo opportunities. The downtown area has a large fountain as well, which is great if you want more natural scenery, to complement the city-vibe.

10. Legacy West

For a touch of urban glamour, Legacy West stands out as a top location. This gorgeous location is best enjoyed in the morning, as it gets busy.  This spot provides a modern and chic setting for your photos. 

11. Little Glass Shack

Last on my list of Dallas-Fort Worth area picture locations is the Little Glass Shack in Howe, TX. You can rent this adorable greenhouse for your session. Surrounding the greenhouse is a clothes line that creates a fun and pretty backdrop. Kids love running through the items hanging on the line! I love this whimsical and charming location. It is a lovely option for family portraits. 

Choosing the right location is a collaborative process, and I’m here to help you find the perfect setting for your session. Each of these 11 Dallas-Fort Worth area locations has its own unique characteristics and benefits, offering something slightly different, while still remaining beautiful and unique in their own way. There is a location to suit every style and vision. If you are interested in any of these locations or want to book your portrait or family session, Contact me here to get started.

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