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Capturing the essence of childhood and the individual personalities of each child is an art. There’s something uniquely enchanting about black and white studio portraits. I love offering these timeless personality portraits that not only stand as beautiful works of art but also celebrate each child.  

Children Personality Portraits

I typically offer black and white portraits throughout the year as both mini and full sessions. Studio mini sessions are perfect for those moments when you want to capture a snapshot of your child’s current stage. Full sessions, on the other hand, take place in the comfort of your home, where your kids can be themselves without any reservation. With the simplicity of black and white portraits I can take classic, candid photos that capture their genuine expressions and personalities. 

When photographing children, I love engaging with them, asking questions, and sharing a laugh. These conversations not only create a relaxed environment but also coax out those genuine smiles and spontaneous, sometimes silly, expressions that make each portrait unique. Seeing the personalities of each kiddo come alive in front of the camera is priceless; hearing their laughs and giggles and capturing their sweet smiles never gets old. 

Timeless Black and White Studio Portraits

Black and white images have a timeless quality that extends through generations. I love how simple yet beautiful these portraits are. It is a great idea to capture these portraits annually to see how your little ones grow over the years.  As always, I highly encourage families to order prints or albums of your child’s portraits. I love helping my clients create wall art or albums from these photos, as they become treasured family heirlooms that can be enjoyed for years.

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