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This Family + Cake Smash Session in Plano, TX with the amazing Suero Family was a blast!  One year olds are so much fun! They are always so full of curiosity, wonder, and a bit of stubborn independence! This little girl was so sweet! She was full of giggles and big smiles!  I think she liked the rush of adrenaline as her dad threw her up in the air because she was giggling uncontrollably. It was the cutest thing! I’m fairly positive that there is nothing sweeter than the sound of baby giggles and childrens’ laughter! 

Family + Cake Smash Session 

Before we let this little cutie smash into her cake, we grabbed a few family portraits! I love capturing the different milestones of babies as well as capturing them with their family! It is always exciting to see and witness how much their families have grown!  The morning of their family session it was a bit humid out, but they were all such troopers! Mornings are usually better for the littles including my own! There are less variables to worry about for a morning session, like whether or not your kid will nap being the main one! 

Mom picked the most adorable outfits for her one year old girl! I loved the pink “One” outfit for the family pictures that had a matching headband. However, her birthday outfit was amazing! Her shirt had a golden script “One” on it with a darling pink tutu. To complete her outfit, she had a gold and pink birthday crown that was definitely fit for a princess like her! 

She loved her cake! The second we put the cake down in front of her, she dove in! Her fists were full of cake! It was hilarious and so adorable. I love it when babies get really into their cake smash! Not only is it awesome to watch but it makes for some wonderful photos! Enjoy!

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