Texas Lifestyle Newborn Family Session in Allen, TX

Texas Lifestyle Newborn Family

I recently photographed this wonderful family and their newest addition for their in-home ​​Texas Lifestyle Newborn Family Session in Allen, TX.  We are close friends with this family and love them dearly! I am thrilled that we were able to capture the raw, real, and unedited moments of life with kids and life with a newborn! 

Their older 2 kids are bursting with energy and excitement. Then their adorable newborn son was surprisingly chill and slept the majority of our in-home newborn session. He was a little older than I normally photograph for a newborn session, but days prior to the original session date, the family came down with colds.  I am so grateful we were able to quickly reschedule and capture these first moments as a family of five before their newborn begins reaching new milestones as he grows. 

Texas Lifestyle Newborn Family Session

During our in-home lifestyle family session, the family snuggled close on the parents bed admiring their newest addition to their family.  Their oldest child is the same age as my oldest at home! This adorable little girl is outgoing and such a big helper! She was very attentive during the session and wanted to help the entire time! It was so sweet! 

Their middle child was more interested in jumping on the bed and running through the hallways! Man, I would love to have that energy!  When it came time to get a few photos of the two older siblings with their baby brother, they were sweet and gentle. I can already tell how the oldest daughter will be a second mommy to her youngest little brother. She was quick to volunteer to hold him and kept sneaking in kisses!

It was such a joy to capture these sweet and tender moments between the new family of five! My heart swells with happiness seeing the love and happiness of a family.  While bringing home a new baby is sure to change the household dynamics, the love grows stronger. This sweet little boy is already swimming in love from his whole family and is lucky  to have so many loving hands to look after him. Seeing him sleeping soundly in his bassinet as his older siblings watched carefully over him, was heartwarming. Enjoy a few of my favorite moments from this in-home  Texas Lifestyle Newborn Family Session. 

If you want to capture the intimate moments of your family as you welcome a newborn or just want to capture the quiet comforts of an in-home family session, contact me today to start a conversation!

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