Milk Bath Milestone Portraits | 9 Month Milestone

I met this little beauty’s momma in a mom group when we were both brand-new mommas with our first babies. A lot has changed since then!  I am so thrilled I was able to photograph this sweet girl’s milk bath milestone portraits. It was scorching outside the day we took her photos, but she did great!  I couldn’t get enough of her red bow and mesmerizing blue eyes! 

Milk Bath Milestone Portraits

For her milestone portraits we filled the bath with water, strawberries, and lemons. A refreshing treat on a hot day! After that, we did a milk bath with some gorgeous, floating flowers. She tried to climb out of the bath a few times, but we were able to grab some amazing photos before the session was over.  

It’s safe to say, she preferred the fruit bath over the milk bath, but I don’t blame her. Strawberries are delicious! She enjoyed snacking on them as I captured her sweet smile in between bites.  I think the lemons were a little sour for her taste!  She was making the cutest faces as she bit into the lemons! It was so much fun to watch her play.

At the end of the session, we discovered red ants all over her car seat. YIKES! I’m so glad we realized it before we put her in the car seat. I had to practically take the whole car seat apart to get them all out. Thank goodness, the crisis was averted! 

I love milestone photos and am grateful that I have the opportunity to watch so many babies grow!  It’s hard to believe this sweet girl will be turning ONE for her next milestone and I can’t wait to photograph it!  

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