The Olson Family

I love that I got to do this sweet babes fresh 48 and then newborn session!!

I always love walking into an in-home newborn session. The first thing Alison said was, “I actually put on makeup for the first time in a few weeks, it feels really good!” I love giving new moms a reason to get ready when really all they want is SLEEP! Haha

Jamie is the sweetest and most calm little boy. I think the parents needed a calm child after having wild Isla. 😉 Haha Despite how much Big Sis did not want to be in any photos, I think we got some good ones. Nothing a little cookie bribe can’t do.

I walked back in the house after loading up my car to say bye and there Isla was in the kitchen, by herself, with the whole box of cookies. She looked up at me and said “cookies” with the biggest smile on her face!


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