Jamie Roderic

I’m so glad I was able to capture these special moments for our sweet friend’s. Alison, Jason and Isla welcomed Jamie Roderic into the world on 6/25/19 at 4:00pm. Weighing in at 7pounds 4ounces and 20inches long.

A little back story… Alison and my husband (Beau) used to work together at a coffee shop in San Diego. Beau came home from work one day and said “An old friend of mine who I used to work with in San Diego called and lives in Allen. She wants to have us over for dinner” we made plans a few weeks out. We show up, we’re both pregnant! Our now almost 3 year olds are about a month and a half apart! Back in November 2018, they asked me to do family photos of them and she told me she was pregnant again! Yay! Surprise, so was I (haha). We were due exactly a week apart.

Long story short I lost my baby girl, Summer Marie, on March 24th 2019 at 26 weeks. (I’ll get into that on another post)

In my deepest of sorrows, the thought of being in a hospital room, on what should have been my own delivery week was unimaginable. However, knowing I was not only capturing the purest moments of joy for my close friends, I also knew this too would help me in the healing process. Looking back at these pictures of Jamie, I feel joy in knowing that the family will cherish these pictures forever. The weeks leading up to Alison’s delivery were very, very hard for me. The drive there was even harder. We should be having babies together, but the universe had other plans for me. That wasn’t going to stop me from capturing my friends new bundle of joy! It was so hard, but so good to be there for my healing. Yes, it was and probably will always be the hardest shoot I’ve ever done.

That being said. I’m so glad Jamie is here, and he is healthy!! Isla is going to be such a great big sister! She was so excited to see him, hold him, and touch him all over his tiny little face (mom was thrilled haha). She loves her baby brother so much! I couldn’t be happier for this wonderful family. We can’t wait to watch him grow!

I mean, look at the way she looks at him! All the heart eyes!

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  2. LaDonne Lloyd says:

    Oh! These are beautiful Lindsey 💕
    Thank you!
    Grandma Lloyd

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